Our Focus

Team Approach

You as a parent are already an expert! You know your child and yourself better than anyone else can and we rely on you to lead the team on your family's journey.  The professionals at Achieve will have technical and developmental knowledge to help provide direction.  We will find the balance to choosing the tasks and steps towards achieving the goals we have identified together! 

Functional Skill Development

 Once the goals have been chosen, we will explore a starting point.  This often revolves around the changes and skill development that will have the most immediate and positive effect.  Our aim is to target the skills that promote those first feelings of success! 


 Change often involves taking a risk in challenging the difficulty that has caused you the most problems.  Confidence is as important as skill development. Believing in yourself allows you to challenge yourself to try new skills and feel successful doing so.  The right support can make all the difference in promoting growth and wellness. 

Recognize.          Strive.          Achieve.